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Meditation Technique

Meditation Technique


พระครูสมุห์ สุเทพ ชินวโร
Ajahn Suthep Chinawaro

Types of Meditation
There are many types of meditation. In our center the Luang Por Theean method of Dynamic Meditation is generally taught and practiced. This is a type of Vipassana meditation, focusing on being aware and knowing whatever occurs. This meditation can be practiced in any physical posture. However, the best postures for practicing are sitting and walking.
Sitting Meditation
The sitting meditation technique closely follows the instructions of the Thai meditation master Luang Por Theean (1911-1988). Luang Por Theean was an important Thai Buddhist teacher who introduced a new technique of meditation that can be characterized as "dynamic" in contrast to the more conventional techniques of "static" meditation. Luangpor Theean's sati (mindfulness) meditation incorporates rhythmic bodily movements as a way to stimulate, develop and strengthen mindfulness/awareness.

This meditation practice is regarded as a way through which the body and mind are harmonized. This harmony is the first step to "seeing" thought and is the foundation of the path towards enlightenment. In order to overcome greed, anger, and delusion, Luangpor Teean suggested that we have to go to the root of mental impurities. He taught that we should let thought flow freely and let awareness see thought and break through the chain of thought. If one persists in this practice, wisdom will arise in an orderly process, level by level.
Walking Meditation
The walking meditation technique which is taught at Wat Thaton was discovered by Phra Ajahn Suriyonta Kusalacitto, who saw that  through walking forward and backward in a consistent and continuous manner, inner wisdom can be cultivated in due time.
The symbolism behind this technique of walking meditation technique came from the story of birth of Siddharta Gotama (the Buddha-to-be). When he was just newly born, the story goes that he walked seven steps. On each step a lotus flower came up from the ground to carry his feet. These seven steps signify 2 inner meanings. The first meaning is that when the Buddha was newly enlightened he went to teach the Dhamma to seven states of ancient India. The other meaning of the seven steps are the Seven Factors of Enlightenment which lead to liberation.
Ajahn Kusalajitto passed on this knowledge of walking meditation technique to Phra Ajahn Suthep Chinawaro. Through intensive meditation, Ajahn Suthep later discoverd that this walking technique is a solid fundation for the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Contemplation of Body, Contemplation of Feelings, Contemplation of Mind and Contemplation of Dhamma. This unique technique enhances and sharpens mindfulness, and is called the "Kusalacitto-Chinawaro Method".


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